5 Ways To Get Motivated When You’re Feeling Lazy

5 ways to get motivated 5 ways to get motivated 5 ways to get motivated5 ways to get motivated 5 ways to get motivated 5 ways to get motivated 5 ways to get motivated 5 ways to get motivated 5 ways to get motivated

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Hi friends! It’s about to get real up in here..about motivation. I’m not sure about you but there are times in my life when I have little to no motivated to do much of anything, even the things I’m most passionate about. I’m the first one to admit that my biggest weaknesses and largest opportunity for growth is consistency, in several aspects of my life: sticking to a consistent blog schedule, having a regular workout routine, etc. Since I’ve recently gotten myself out of a stretch of lack of inspiration and motivation I wanted to share the 5 ways that helped me get back on my game!

I first want to give you a little backstory on me because I know these methods will not work for everyone but are what I found work best for me. I work best under a tight deadline, I’m a visual learner and I’m very results driven. If I have a goal where I can see numbers increase that’s a huge driver for me.

1. Start your day with an inspiring podcast/book/quote: I try to listen to a podcast, audio book or YouTube video while getting ready in the morning. It will give you that extra ump to go after what you want and is a good reminder that there are millions of people out there who never stop hustling. Some of my favorites include Gary Vaynerchuck, Tony Robbins, The Influencer Podcast and The Goal Digger Podcast. For books I’m currently reading Why Now is the Time to Crush It and I’m loving it! Also check out my Pinterest board for some killer inspo 🙂

2. Surround yourself with like minded people: Find a crew with common goals and interests to surround yourself with who are kicking some major butt! I love to be around people who work harder than me because I’m driven by performance and FOMO {fear of missing out}. To get your motivation back up set up a coffee with someone you admire and get a hold of that energy! As Kathleen Barnes of Carrie Bradshaw Lied says, “you attract your tribe!” { she is also one of the funniest human beings alive so go follow her Instastories, you will not be disappointed.}

I’m also lucky enough to live with Greg who is the biggest ball of inspiration and most motivated human. He catches on quickly when I’m in a lazy mode and has no shame calling me out on it-which I appreciate. So share your motivations with others and have them hold you to the standards you set for yourself! It’s so much more fun to dream together.

3. Write out your affirmations & gratitudes and read them often: This is a hard habit to get into it but it really helps. First, write out the things you’re grateful for { you can read some of mine HERE} and a few affirmations about yourself {ex. ” I trust myself”..}. This will help to take some time to reflect and be grateful that you’ve already had the motivation to get as far as you’ve already come rather than focusing on how it’s been hard to get and stay motivated.

4. To do lists: Going back to how I’m visual, I find so much satisfaction by crossing things off my to do list but the key with a list is to prioritize and start with the largest and most daunting task first!! I also like to separate mine into blog to-dos, errands, personal tasks, etc. By focusing on one big task to start off typically helps me ignite the motivation to tackle the rest because you can sometimes forget how amazing it feelings to start and finish a project in one sitting. Make sure to take a quick break in between to keep the momentum up.

5. Turn off all distractions: One of my old boxing instructors always said “you can do anything for 30 seconds”. That has really stuck with me for different aspects of my life whether if be when I want to die in a plank at the gym or trying to finish a blog post at 1am. With this quote playing in my head I turn my phone on silent, leave it across the room, turn off my email and really focus on one task for 30 minutes. You’ll be shocked at how much you can accomplish in 30 minutes with complete focus and no distractions. Work really hard for those 30 minutes/ 30 seconds, whatever the time might be and then reward yourself for 5-10 minutes with something mindless and do it all again. 

On top of that, I’ve created a few immediate fixes that work for me. I like to take a shower and imagine that I’m washing away the laziness and leaving the shower a new, motivated person. For me, showering and driving are the places where I have the least distraction and where I do my best thinking and idea plotting.

I’ve also created a “pump up” Spotify playlist. Some of my favorites include “All Star“, “Don’t Look Down” and anything Backstreet Boys hah.

Woof, that was a lot but I hope it helps! Have you ever experienced a time where you felt unmotivated? What methods helped you get going again?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xx, Tess



  1. Biana says:

    First of all – loving the outfit and those OTK boots!! Second of all these are really great tips! I took a screenshot of that influencer podcast you were listening to this week and can’t wait to listen!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

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