Travel Talk: A Peek Inside my Carry On

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Right now I am somewhere in the air flying over the Atlantic Ocean! On the agenda for this trip is Munich, Germany for a few days then skiing in the Austrian Alps, I can not be more excited!

 I’m not typically a procrastinator, but when it comes to packing…forget about it! There are some extreme instances where my flight leaves at 8am and I’m up at 5am packing right before leaving the house- it’s bad! On a positive note, packing my carry on bag is an easy task. I like to use one of my large handbags as my carry on or I’ll stick to the ever-so classic Longchamp Le Pilage. I have one handbag that is so obnoxiously oversized that every time my dad sees me with it he asks why I’m carrying luggage 😉 #dadjokes. I wanted to share my carry on packing list, hope this helps for your future flights too!

#1: Layers…oversized scarfs {or blanket scarfs} are my best friend! Depending on where I am traveling to, I typically take a scarf that can work cross functionally as a blanket since I am always cold! I’m loving THIS blanket scarf.

#2: Passport Cover: If I’m leaving the country I like having my passport in a cover to help store boarding passes, etc. {swooning over THIS passport cover too!}

#3: Face Mist: I use Evian Water Spray multiple times during a long flight. It keeps my skin hydrated, even with all of that dry cabin air.

#4: Books & Magazines: I currently don’t use an e-reader- call me old fashioned but I love seeing the process you make in a tangible book and that of course that old library book smell {Carrie Bradshaw moment} 🙂  I’m currently reading Give and Take, if you’re a Malcolm Gladwell fan I highly recommend Adam Grant! There’s also nothing better than a juicy issue of Cosmo to get you through a flight, am I right!?

#5: Lip Balm: I’ve been a long time Vaseline lover- but recently I’m loving this Caudalie Lip Conditioner. I find it keeps my lips super moisturized with a noticeable glossy look to it! This product will definitely be a repeat once I finish this tube {wish my luck on not loosing it before that, everyone deserves a reward for finsihing an entire lip balm!! You go girl!}

#6: Sunglasses: I am currently saving up for this Karen Walker pair but a pair of sunnies are a carry on essential {especially if you’re flying during the day} I’ve recently bought THIS $8 pair which makes me feel better if I were to loose them during my trip.

#7: Jewelry Case: Even though most of my jewelry is fun costume, I still feel safer having it with my incase my luggage gets lost- you never know!

Onto the random essentials.. I hate having little items spread out all over the bottom of my bag, THIS glitter pouch is a must have-hello it is covered in glitter! Inside I keep a few odds and ends- toothbrush/toothpaste, gum, earbuds, hair ties, hand sanitizer {airports are a germophobes worst nightmare}

Welppp, off to explore the world! Make sure to follow along on my Instagram! I’d love to hear some of your carry on must haves..make sure to let me know if you have any! Or what you are up to this weekend – have any fun plans?

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