Bali Travel Guide

bali travel guide

BALI! Oh my gosh, my new favorite place in the world! This was a trip of a lifetime and I’m so happy to be able to share my travel guide with you! The 27 hour flight from Boston was beyond worth it and the hours flew by with all the good tv selections on Qatar Airlines..highly recommend. The reason I went to Bali in the first place was to visit my friend Hali who is doing a remote work experience with 40 other people from around the world. It was a joke the entire trip that we were on our honeymoon because everything was so beautiful and romantic- and I rode on the back of her scooter everyday 🙂

What I loved most about Bali is how different each part of the island was, yet everything was max 2 hours away from each other. Even though I was only there for 8 full days it felt as though I took 5 separate vacations with the amount of activities we jammed in. With the combination of black sand beaches, temples/ spiritual grounds, white sand beaches, the jungle, and mountains/ volcanos, each spot was completely different from the others in the best way possible.

Another awesome thing to love is Indonesia’s currency, the Rupiah and how rich it makes you feel. For example, 1 USD = 13,000 Rupiahs, we get so much for your money there! To put into perspective how inexpensive Bali was, a massive bottle of water was 39 cents, smoothie bowls were $4, and most of the bungalows/hotels we stay in were between $20-$40/person and were all so gorgeous! I highly recommend it for honeymooners who are looking for the tropical vibes without the Fiji prices..It’s the perfect location to BALLL out!

As for the vibes in Bali…all I can say is it was absolute paradise everyday. I didn’t wear makeup at all and my hair was crazy but I loved every second! Watermelon juice was a way of life, the locals were so sweet, the food was incredibly fresh and all of the restaurants and cafes were so beautifully decorated, so instaworthy! The villas everyone stayed in had an open air outdoor living area except for the bedrooms that had doors and was so special to live like a local!

*Canggu: My home base where I was staying with Hali. Canggu is about a 40 minute drive from the airport and is a great mixture of hip, brightly colored cafes, beaches and rice fields.

Where we ate:

Milu by Nook:Great dinner spot located right on the rice fields. It had almost a chic jungle feeling to it and the pad thai was amazing!

Peloton Supershop: This was the first and best green smoothie bowl I had the whole trip (and I had about 9). Still dreaming about it now!

bali travel guide

What we did:

Surfing at Echo Beach:I haven’t surfed in about 15 years so I was in need of a lesson. To put into perspective how inexpensive Bali is, my 1 hour lesson and board rental was $20..insane.

bali travel guide

Tanah Lot Temple It was a lot more touristy here than we expected due to the market you have to walk through in order to get to the temple entrance. Tanah Lot is known for their sunsets, which was gorgeous but we wished we went for sunrise to beat the crowds.

bali travel guide

Finn’s Beach Club

The Lawn

bali travel guide bali travel guide

BalibowlsAnother one of my favorite smoothie bowls. The colorful unicorn avocado toast is a must try!

bali travel guide

*Ubud: My favorite part of Bali! 1.5 hours away from Canggu, we hired a private driver to pick us up and stop at a few stops along the way. Ubud is a rice field and temple heaven- it had such a spiritual and tranquil vibe that I’ll never forget.

Where we stayed: Villa Alam Biru Only $83 per night for 2 bedrooms including a staff who cooks you breakfast, daybeds and a pool {flamingo float included} 

What we did:

Tegalalang Rice Fields: Even though it rained while we were there, the rice fields were where I felt most like I was in SouthEast Asia. Make sure you have cash with you because they will stop you along the way up for “donations”. 

bali travel guide bali travel guide

Bejal Outdoor Spa: This spa was recommended to us from someone who stumbled across it and went 5 times since because it was that good! It’s not the most luxurious from the outside and you have to walk down a long alleyway to get there but there is nothing like getting a facial while being outside with rose petals in the bathtub next to you. Pure heaven.

Bali Art Market: Feel like your true Julia Roberts self and check out the market featured in Eat Pray Love. This is the best place to pick up traditional Balinese souvenirs. 

Tegenungan Waterfall

Bali Swing: Bali has swings everywhere and for good reason! The Bali swing was seriously one of the coolest experiences! You really feel like you’re flying over the rice fields.

bali travel guide

Luwak Coffee Farm: Luwak coffee is considered the smoothest and most expensive coffee in the world. If you can get past the way  it’s made you have to try it! It’s only in Bali so it was part of the overall experience and actually tastes really good!

bali travel guide

Monkey Forest: I’m ashamed to say I was too afraid of the monkeys crawling on me to feed one but the monkeys were fascinating to watch and see how they interact.

bali travel guide

*Nusa Lembongan: White sandy beach Island off the coast about an hour drive from Canguu with a 45 minute ferry ride. While you’re there definitely rent a scooter to drive over the yellow bridge to explore the entire island. 

Where we stayed: Dream Beach Cottages I bet you would never believe me if I told you this dreamy place only cost $18/person, it was incredible!!

bali travel guide

What we did:

Dream Beach Huts: Gorgeous spot for lunch overlooking the beach

Snorkeling Trip: We took a full day snorkeling trip where we swam with manta rays, saw dolphins and jammed to what sounds like Kid’s Pop versions of all our top 40 hits { I don’t think they have access to our version of music}. The underwater views were great, lots of coral reefs!

bali travel guide

*Seminyak: The best way I can describe Seminyak is as the “Vegas of Bali” in terms of the pool and beach club scene.

Potato Head Beach Club

bali travel guide

Palm Leaf Tassel Bikini: Choies

Mrs. Sippy Pool Club: Another really cool pool club. What makes this place awesome is their high diving board and 2 for 1 massive frozen drinks after 4pm.

Knyd Community: I was so excited to check this place out after seeing all their amazing smoothie bowls with “Bali” spelt out in a pineapple and was so sad when we got there 5 minutes after it closed! Still had to get a photo in front of their famous mural of course 🙂

bali travel guide

La Plantar: This Moroccan theme beach bar which was a great spot to watch the sunset with a watermelon tequila cocktail.

bali travel guide

*South Kuta: For my last night in Bali I wanted to go south to be closer to the airport and check out the gorgeous beaches South Kuta had to offer. 

Where we stayed: La Joya Resort

bali travel guide

Ayana ResortOne of the most beautiful resorts I’ve ever been to! Check out the popsicle shop for desert- of course I went for the watermelon.

 RockBar at AyanaThis hip, upbeat restaurant/ bar was like any other and the perfect spot to soak in my last Bali sunset. The coolest part was that you had to take an elevator down the side of the cliff to get down there and the restaurant was built into the natural rock formations.

Have you ever been to Bali? I would love to hear your favorite parts/ things to do there in the comment section!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xx, Tess

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  1. Biana says:

    Oh you are giving me some serious wanderlust! I have wanted to go to Bali for such a long time!! It looked like everything was just so perfect! From the food, to the people to the destination – just a perfect trip! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  2. Diane says:

    Loved your ‘tour’ of Bali. You make it feel like we’re there with you. Glad you had so much fun. Just looks like an amazing place.

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