Gingham + Tips & Tricks for Self-Tanning

gingham gingham gingham gingham gingham gingham gingham gingham gingham gingham

TOP: SheIn | DENIM:American Eagle | SUNNIES: BP. | EARRINGS: Mangosimilar | HANDBAG: similar HERE & HERE | BOOTIES: Sam & Libby | NAILS: Sally Hansen in Sugar Fix

Oh gingham, one of my favorite prints right now and from the popularity of this outfit on my Instagram I’m guessing you do too! I’m digging it so much so that I bought a gingham romper, dress and swimsuit all in one day. 

I’ve always love having a tan and when I needed a little pick me up this winter I tried self tanning and now I’m hooked! I thought it would be fun and useful to share some tricks I’ve learned! The self-tanner I’m obsessed with and tell everyone about is St.Moriz! You can find it at Target for $12 or Amazon for $6 {with Amazon, keep in mind that it could take up to 2 weeks since the delivery is from UK}. I have friends who swear by St Tropez  ($45) but I personally don’t like the harsh smell or price tag and St.Moriz is just as amazing! 

1.Always exfoliate and shave before you apply your self-tanner. This will get rid of dead skin cells helping your tan to last longer and prevent from the color to be blotchy.

2. I may be biased because mousse is all I’ve tried so far but I’ve read from other beauty bloggers that mousse is best for a smooth and even application. It’s so easy to rub in! While on the topic of application..I first pump the mousse onto the center of my mitt and begin in the middle of the designated part of my body working the mitt in large circles until all the mousse is absorbed in my skin. If you are using color developing tanner, keep in mind that the color will deepen and be darker when you wake up, so don’t judge the color too much when you first apply.

3. Invest in a good applicator mitt! Don’t let “invest” scary you because it’s under $20. THIS is my favorite mitt for it’s high quality towel-like fabric that makes for such a smooth, soft and streak free application! The mitt that came with my first order of St. Moriz absorbed so much of the mousse and my pinkies turned super brown from it’s thin and low quality material. You will notice SUCH a difference in the way your fingers and palms look after application with the Ultimitt {I sound like a corny infomercial but I just love it so much }. Another great thing is how easy it is to rinse off post application.

4. When applying self- tanner to your hands, make a claw with your fingers in order to get in between your fingers well and to avoid white creases on your knuckles. Don’t forget to do the same on your feet and toes!

5.I found applying self-tanner post shower {make sure you are completely dry first} at night gives me the best results. But make sure to wear dark, loose clothes to bed! I can’t stress how important this step is if you have white sheets/pillowcases. I like to put a dark color towel down to avoid the tanner on my neck from staining my bedding.

6. Use baby wash as your body wash. This helped to preserve your tan because it is a much milder and gentle option for your skin than adult body wash { if that’s even a thing?}. Doesn’t hurt that it smells really good either!

7. Pat dry, don’t rub dry with your towel after your shower. This prevents you from pulling on your skin and stripping your tan.

8. Wait until the next morning to put on your deodorant. Made this mistake the first time and applied deodorant the night I applied self-tanner and my armpits turned green, yuck!

9. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Just like a tan from the sun, lotion and moisturizing will help it last longer on your skin but make sure to stay away from any oil based products as it stripes your tan!

10. Don’t re-apply self-tanner until your old tan is completely gone. Also made this mistake my first time and I couldn’t wear tank tops at the gym for a week because my back and arms were so spotted! Before I re-apply I exfoliate really well to make sure my entire body is free of any old self- tanner and my next application goes on smooth and even.

I would love to hear about any self-tanners you love, different techniques/ tricks you use!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xx, Tess




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