If You Buy 12 Things This Fall, Make It These Pieces (All Under $40!)

12 fall pieces to buy right now

1.Pompom Mules

2.Grey Backpack

3. Tassel Earrings

4. Blue Bow Sweater

5. Flower Embroidery Dress 

6. Metallic Tassel Earrings  (similar here )

7. Moon Pendant Necklace 

8. Fuzzy Sweater 

9. Fur Lined Mules 

10. Pearl Sliders 

11. Wrap Skirt 


Anyone who’s ever been to Shein knows it can be overwhelming at times with the massive amount of options they have. That’s why today I’m saying if you buy 12 things this fall, make it these pieces.. best part of all is they’re all UNDER $40!! If you know me well at all then you know how OBSESSED I am with everything Shein and most of the outfits I get compliments on are from there. A few of the questions I get asked most is about Shein’s quality, the delivery time and fit so I figured this would be a great time to wrap it all up in one post. 

Insider Tips on SheIn from an addict: 

*My favorite things to buy from Shein would have to be jewelry. There are so many Baublebar dupes for 1/5 the price. This $5 Shein pair vs this $48 Baublebar pair is the perfect example! Their jewelry might not last forever, but when it comes to fun,trendy jewelry I love quantity over quality. 

*Shein’s shoes are pretty good quality and fit well. For reference, I’m a 8.5 or 9 and when ordering from Shein I typically order EUR39 or 40. I would recommend going up one size if possible just to be safe. I bought these mules last winter and I loved them so much I ordered this glitter pair. I can’t wait for them to be delivered because well, glitter!!  They’re so comfortable, warm, go with almost everything and are really easy to slide on when you’re feeling lazy in the morning hah. Definitely avoid wearing them on any day it might rain/snow because the back fur gets really nasty.  

*For my tall girls (I’m 5′ 8”), always go up 1-2 sizes when ordering a short dress or mini skirt.

*The more you spend typically helps with faster delivery time. For example if I place a $100 order I typically receive it 1.5-2 weeks later but a $40 order could take up to 3. I tell everyone that if you’re buying something for a certain occasion, make sure you order well in advance.

*If you wear a small in tops, than the One Size pieces will fit you well.

*When you make a return your refund will go to your “wallet”, meaning store credit. To get your refund back on you original form of payment, go to your account and transfer the money out of your wallet.

I would love to hear if you’ve ordered from Shein as much as I do and what your favorite fall pieces are!

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Late Summer Polka Dots

late summer polka dotslate summer polka dots late summer polka dots late summer polka dots late summer polka dots late summer polka dots

TOP: American Eagle SHORTS: American Eagle | CLUTCH: Similar 

Happy Friday! I can NOT believe Labor Day Weekend crept up on us so quickly! With the long weekend of beach weather ( fingers crossed) and BBQs, I’m sharing one last super summer polka dots look. I always tend to get sad when the weather starts to change but at this point I’m pretty sick of my summer wardrobe, anyone else!?

This weekend we are staying in the city for a wedding Saturday night then heading down to the Cape with the crew right afterwards. Speaking of weddings!! If you’re anything like me, you can get lost watching 25 YouTube marriage proposals straight, then you MUST watch thisSeriously this is one of the sweetest proposals I’ve seen and I’m officially obsessed with their channel. 

What are your big plans for the long weekend?

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

xx, Tess

What I Wore in Bermuda

Hi long lost friends! It feels good to write a blog post after taking over a month off. Hope everyone’s summer has been a blast so far!

Today I’m sharing what I wore on a cruise to Bermuda last month with my family, Greg, and Jackie (one of my besties and my brother’s girlfriend). I’m totally obsessed with Bermuda and I now see what all the hype is about! It’s so beautiful, clean, and everyone is so friendly. We rented scooters and scooted all around the island jumping from one beach to the next. Since the island is only 22 miles long, we easily covered of all the places we wanted to see in 2.5 days.

what I wore in Bermuda

 Palm Print One Piece {only $11!} / Mirrored Sunnies 

Red Ruffle Bikini {only $12!} / Black & White Striped Hat

One Shoulder Tropical Dress / White Tassel Earrings

Beach Backpack 

Pom Pom Skirt /Choker / Bodysuit 

Watermelon Bikini {similar}

 Tassel Straw Beach Bag {on sale for $20!} Yellow OTS Dress

 Romper Dress / Straw Clutch White Lace-Up Sandals Yellow Tassel Earrings

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xx, Tess

27 Things You Might Not Know About Me

27 Things you might not know about me27 Things you might not know about me27 Things you might not know about me27 Things you might not know about me27 Things you might not know about me27 Things you might not know about me27 Things you might not know about me27 Things you might not know about me

DRESS: ASOS | HEELS: Steve Madden | GLITTER CLUTCH: old {similar HERE & HERE } | NECKLACE: Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski

Today is my 27th birthday so I thought it would be fun to share 27 things you might not know about me!

1. My angel of a boyfriend, Greg, is the reason Sequins are the New Black exists. He is the hardest working person I know and my biggest inspiration. He takes 75% of my blog photos, pushes me constantly to go after my dreams, and I owe all the joy my blog has brought to my life to him. 

2.I was a dancer for 15 years. Tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, I did it all and loved it! My dance teacher was obsessed with glitz and sparkle and that is when I fell in love with sequins. I’m easily distracted by things that sparkle.

3.I’m a nosey and curious person at heart so I often ask personal questions to people that I barely know. More often than not, they answer them.

4.For my day job, I’m a sales recruiter at an advertisement technology company. I got into recruiting because I love the thrill of the hunt but I didn’t want the aggressive quotas of being in sales. Having the opportunity to offer someone a new job and new opportunity is the best part of my job!

5.My first love was Justin Timberlake {duh} so much so that my friends and I would rip his photo out of those cheesy teen magazines and bring it to recess with us LOL.

6.During college, I worked at a preschool, babysat, scooped ice cream and cut/packaged fancy cheeses at a high-end grocery store. I found it a thrill never having to tap into my savings.

7.When I discover a song I love, I listen to it on repeat until I’m sick of it. I listened to “Sunny and 75” about 175 times in a row.

8.My nicknames include; Tessla, Big T and Chip because I’m a chip addict #chipyoself

9.I love connecting people. I want all my friends to be friends with each other and I consider that to be one of my greatest strengths.

10.My guilty pleasure is the Real Housewives and watching engagement/wedding videos of strangers. Guaranteed tears every time.

11.I’ve had 2 ligament reconstruction surgeries on both knees. It freaks out most people when I tell them I have cadaver ligaments in my knees now.

12.I love baby sloths! The photo in my phone when Greg calls me is him holding a sloth in Colombia.

13.For one of my internships, I was a door to door sales rep for Verizon Fios. It was such an impactful experience that taught me to be fearless and take rejection well.

14.I wasn’t the most athletic child, I played soccer and softball but never loved it. My dad was my soccer coach and I played defense because it was the position that requires the least amount of effort. I would get into trouble for chatting on the field and one time I even painted my nails mid-game.

15.One of my first memories in life is meeting my best friend when we were 5 years old on our first day of kindergarten.

16.I take my coffee black and tequila is my drink of choice.

17.My friend Taylor and I were {somehow} invited to the mayor of Miami’s bachelor party while in the Bahamas for spring break one year. It’s still one of my favorite memories.

18.I’ve been skiing since I was 3 years old. I moved to Park City, Utah the winter after graduating to be a ski instructor at Deer Valley. Initially, the plan was to stay for one ski season but I only lasted 31 days hah. It was some of the best skiing of my life but I knew it was time to get out of there when I went to a bar one night around 10:30pm wearing a sequin blazer and everyone was still in their ski pants. It just wasn’t the right fit and that’s okay but I’m so glad I went and don’t have to ask myself “what if?”

19.My ideal summer weekend is laying on the beach, sipping rosé , chatting with the girls, followed by a lobster salad for dinner, and a dance party. I can be pretty basic, I know.

20.I have a younger brother who is dating one of my best friends and it’s seriously the perfect situation!! Nothing better than having her on family vacations, birthday dinners, etc. and I pray she becomes my real sister one day! (hint, hint Drew)

21.My pet peeves are slow walkers, people who clap when the plane lands safely, and those same people who stand up immediately after the plane lands – it’s not going to help you get off the plane any quicker, buddy!

22.I love sushi. I hate olives and mushrooms and I knew Greg and I would work out when I found out he hated them too 😉

23.After having my braces removed in 8th grade my dream was to be an orthodontist. I started college as a biology major, then organic chemistry happened {got a D+} and I realized science was not my strong suit.  I switched majors my Junior year at UNH and graduated with a communication degree.

24.I always kick myself because I came up with Pinterest in high school and someone just executed on it first 😉 I’m obsessed and may or may not have 25,000 pins…

25.I’m a nerd when it comes to personal finances, most people avoid checking their credit score but to me, it’s a game.

26.The summer after graduating college, I worked as an event planner for Alex & Ani and for weddings in Newport, RI.  I blame this for my unrealistic, over the top expectations for what a wedding should look like.

27.It’s such a thrill for me when I finish a bottle of any product, finish chapstick, or use up the last page of a notebook! 

Hope this was interesting and thank you for stopping by!

xx, Tess


Gingham + Tips & Tricks for Self-Tanning

gingham gingham gingham gingham gingham gingham gingham gingham gingham gingham

TOP: SheIn | DENIM:American Eagle | SUNNIES: BP. | EARRINGS: Mangosimilar | HANDBAG: similar HERE & HERE | BOOTIES: Sam & Libby | NAILS: Sally Hansen in Sugar Fix

Oh gingham, one of my favorite prints right now and from the popularity of this outfit on my Instagram I’m guessing you do too! I’m digging it so much so that I bought a gingham romper, dress and swimsuit all in one day. 

I’ve always love having a tan and when I needed a little pick me up this winter I tried self tanning and now I’m hooked! I thought it would be fun and useful to share some tricks I’ve learned! The self-tanner I’m obsessed with and tell everyone about is St.Moriz! You can find it at Target for $12 or Amazon for $6 {with Amazon, keep in mind that it could take up to 2 weeks since the delivery is from UK}. I have friends who swear by St Tropez  ($45) but I personally don’t like the harsh smell or price tag and St.Moriz is just as amazing! 

1.Always exfoliate and shave before you apply your self-tanner. This will get rid of dead skin cells helping your tan to last longer and prevent from the color to be blotchy.

2. I may be biased because mousse is all I’ve tried so far but I’ve read from other beauty bloggers that mousse is best for a smooth and even application. It’s so easy to rub in! While on the topic of application..I first pump the mousse onto the center of my mitt and begin in the middle of the designated part of my body working the mitt in large circles until all the mousse is absorbed in my skin. If you are using color developing tanner, keep in mind that the color will deepen and be darker when you wake up, so don’t judge the color too much when you first apply.

3. Invest in a good applicator mitt! Don’t let “invest” scary you because it’s under $20. THIS is my favorite mitt for it’s high quality towel-like fabric that makes for such a smooth, soft and streak free application! The mitt that came with my first order of St. Moriz absorbed so much of the mousse and my pinkies turned super brown from it’s thin and low quality material. You will notice SUCH a difference in the way your fingers and palms look after application with the Ultimitt {I sound like a corny infomercial but I just love it so much }. Another great thing is how easy it is to rinse off post application.

4. When applying self- tanner to your hands, make a claw with your fingers in order to get in between your fingers well and to avoid white creases on your knuckles. Don’t forget to do the same on your feet and toes!

5.I found applying self-tanner post shower {make sure you are completely dry first} at night gives me the best results. But make sure to wear dark, loose clothes to bed! I can’t stress how important this step is if you have white sheets/pillowcases. I like to put a dark color towel down to avoid the tanner on my neck from staining my bedding.

6. Use baby wash as your body wash. This helped to preserve your tan because it is a much milder and gentle option for your skin than adult body wash { if that’s even a thing?}. Doesn’t hurt that it smells really good either!

7. Pat dry, don’t rub dry with your towel after your shower. This prevents you from pulling on your skin and stripping your tan.

8. Wait until the next morning to put on your deodorant. Made this mistake the first time and applied deodorant the night I applied self-tanner and my armpits turned green, yuck!

9. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Just like a tan from the sun, lotion and moisturizing will help it last longer on your skin but make sure to stay away from any oil based products as it stripes your tan!

10. Don’t re-apply self-tanner until your old tan is completely gone. Also made this mistake my first time and I couldn’t wear tank tops at the gym for a week because my back and arms were so spotted! Before I re-apply I exfoliate really well to make sure my entire body is free of any old self- tanner and my next application goes on smooth and even.

I would love to hear about any self-tanners you love, different techniques/ tricks you use!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xx, Tess


Top Shoes To Buy From Target This Spring

top target shoe picks for sping

Like most girls with a pulse, I love long romantic strolls down every aisle at Target. While strolling last night {guilty of going twice this week }, I decided to check out their spring shoe collection and was so impressed/obsessed with everything! I bought 5 out of my 8 picks above so it’s  safe to say their shoe game has been on fire! Today I thought it would be fun to share my picks for the top shoes to buy from Target for spring! Best pair of all is that each pair is under $45 🙂

1. Studded Gladiator Sandal :$33 Hello amazing Valentino Rockstud dupe! Besides having a few more straps than the Valentino version, these gladiator sandals are on point. They are so comfy and such a great color to go with so many looks. I can’t wait to style them with a pair of denim shorts and an OTS top.

2. Pink Straw Fringe Heels :$33 How fun is this pink for spring and summer!? I love the straw and fringe detailing and they are oh so comfortable!

3. Mule Pumps: $30 Mules are all the rave for spring and this pair is such a great neutral color. 

4Neon Mix Block Heel : $45 I love all the colors going on with this heel. They are the perfect sandal to dress up any basic outfit!

5. Caged Heel Gladiator Heel: $35 A great dope of these Steve Madden heels and half the price and will go with everything! A girl can never have enough black shoes and I’m already planning on wearing them with this top!

6. Slide Sandals: $28 I love the pop of turquoise and red beads on these but make sure to go up a size. I also found this super cute pair these from Forever 21 that are very similar!

7. Braided Heeled Gladiator Sandal :$33

8. Taupe Block Heel Sandal :$29 What I love about these block heels sandals is how similar they look to the Steve Madden Carrson sandal. With this pair make sure you go down half a size!

Now all that’s left to do is get a really good pedicure and have Boston warm up so I can start wearing all these beauties! What shoes do you have your eye on for spring!?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xx, Tess


Drop Waist Dress + St. Jude Boston Event

drop waist dressdrop waist dress

DRESS: Zara, old {similar HERE & spring version HERE } | OTK BOOTS: Missguided  | HANDBAG: SheIn {fabulous & $15!}| FUR WRAP:Forever 21 {on sale for $7!}  | EARRINGS: BaubleBar

This is one of my favorite outfits I’ve worn this winter! What I love most about this look is the drop waist dress. It’s such a flattering cut and I love how lightweight it feels. With the snow we had dumped on us yesterday here in Boston {thanks Stella!} and cold temps in the forecast, I wanted to share one more cold weather look before I started with spring content!

Every Monday Greg and I try to make it out for a date night. It doesn’t happen every week due to his insanely ambitious work life {not complaining because his drive is one of my favorite things about him}, but this Monday we made it happen and went to see the movie, Get Out. OMGoshh it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while! It’s a thriller mixed with the right dose of comedy to keep it light but also has a powerful message at the end. Highly suggest! I also was so happy to eat popcorn and reese’s pieces for dinner 🙂 

Now onto some Boston Buzz! I want to bring attention to a St. Jude event on May 6th that’s near and dear to my heart, something I have been involved with for 4 years {and an amazing excuse to dress up}, The 5th Annual Toast to St Jude! The event features a lounge-style reception with hors d’oeuvres, open beer and wine bar, live band, LOTS of dancing, silent auctions and premier raffles! This year we plan on having 400+ young professionals attend all to benefit the mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, ensuring that no family pays for their child’s treatment.  Early bird tickets are on sale HERE!! Make sure you get them before March 31st before prices go up! I would loveee to see you there and please share with your friends <3

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Statement Red Jumpsuit

statement red jumpsuitstatement red jumpsuitstatement red jumpsuitstatement red jumpsuitstatement red jumpsuitstatement red jumpsuitstatement red jumpsuitstatement red jumpsuitstatement red jumpsuitstatement red jumpsuitstatement red jumpsuit


And here we are, back with the snow. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! If you follow me on Instagram then you know mine was filled with friends, dancing, love and a wedding. It was amazing to have everyone together to celebrate my friend Shauna marry her Jeff, it really was a winter wonderland. One of those weekends you truly never want to end.  Friday was official wedding weekend kickoff and I did just that in this fun little red number.

Now onto this statement red jumpsuit, shall we? Knowing I was wearing a silver/black dress for the wedding I wanted a colorful outfit for the night before. When I first saw this jumpsuit I knew I had to have it for two reasons, it’s red and well, ruffles!  At first I was a little intimidated with the bold color and my poor pale skin in March not seeing the sun in a very long time so I went out on a search for a miracle self tanner. This is where I found St Moriz self tanning mousse! I’m so impressed with how dark it made my skin without looking orange, how easy it is to apply and that it lasted 2 days. Oh and the best part is that it’s only $10 for the bottle and the applicator mitt- make sure you order the applicator mitt to avoid striking and for a smooth application! I think I’m now obsessed with self tanner, it’s insane how much better you feel with a little tan..am I right!? 

How was everyone’s weekend!?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xx, Tess


Affordable Valentines Day Outfit

affordable valentines day outfit affordable valentines day outfit affordable valentines day affordable valentines day outfit affordable valentines day outfit affordable valentines day outfit affordable valentines day affordable valentines day

affordable valentines day outfit

SKIRT:Romwe {c/o} | SWEATER: Shein {only $17!}| HEELS: Lulus| HANDBAG: Saks Outlet { similar HERE & HERE

Whether you have a romantic date planned with your honey or sipping cocktails with girl friends, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to dress up and hit the town. Greg and I’s first Valentine’s day together he planned a whole night with a fancy dinner but the blizzard that year ruined those plans. Instead we stayed in bed, ordered sushi takeout from my favorite spot, Irashai and watched our favorite show, Suits! It ended up being such a fun night and we’ve made it a tradition every since. 

What I love about this outfit is how glamorous it looks while still being SUPER affordable! So affordable that the sweater and skirt combine is only $42 and makes for such a fun look, Valentine’s day or not! To me, the sleeves on this sweater  resembles coral and gives me all the summer vibes- just what I need right now with all these snow storms! 

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was really low key binging Vice, it’s so addicting!  Only time I really got ready was yesterday for a bubbly brunch with the Hyatt Regency Boston. It was such a gorgeous spread and I’m still thinking about the sour cream pancakes and bourbon syrup..yummm.

I would love to hear about your Valentine’s Day plans!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xx, Tess

Winter Whites

winter whiteswinter whiteswinter whiteswinter whiteswinter whiteswinter whites winter whites winter whiteswinter whiteswinter whiteswinter whiteswinter whites

SWEATER:: MakeMeChic {c/o} | PLAID SHIRT: J.Crew {old}, similar here | JEANS: Zara {seriosuly so comfy!} | HEELS: Steve Madden | HANDBAG: Henri Bendel | BEANIE: Bloomingdales

Photos by Madeline Heiseng 

Hi lovies! Remember me!? After neglecting my poor baby blog for almost a month I’m happy to finally be back on my blogging game! Since my day job consists of 90% computer work,  I’ve been in a funk lately where I have zero motivation to be on my computer at night/weekends. Am I the only one this happens to?? 

A few things that have been going on since my last post includes a trip to Vegas for my friend’s bachelorette’s {blog post coming soon!}, I took an amazing cooking class with Just Add Cooking at the Boston Public Market Kitchen {highly recommend!}, found a new church that I absolutely love and went skiing last weekend! 

As for this look, I love a good, crisp winter white and this sweater is only $29! It’s a nice change from all the dark colors I’m naturally drawn to being so pale during the cold months but the pop of color with the green layering piece makes it fun! Now my only questions is why can’t my hair look like this put together everyday!?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xx, Tess