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I usually love a warm weather beach vacation in March. I like to think of it as a trip to treat myself for making it through another awful and freezing New England winter.. but this year we switched it up a bit.  This brings me to my recent trip to Europe- Munich, Germany and Sölden, Austria! Munich consisted of lots of sightseeing, castle touring and shopping. Then in Austria, Sölden was jammed packed with skiing and nightlife. Skiing in the Alps has now ruined skiing in the NorthEast for me forever, there is nothing comparable to the mountains and the terrain!  Sölden is called “Ibiza in the Alps” and from what I have heard about Ibiza I can 100% see the truth in that statement- it was a wild time!

Germany  Germany




Our last hotel right outside of the Munich airport was decorated so cute for Easter!


I was surprised on how much I loved Munich! The city was so clean, everyone was super friendly & the pretzels!! Oh my lord were they incredible!! We were only there for 3 days and I ate 5 huge pretzels basically the size of my face..we all kept joking that we needed to “carb up” for skiing 😉 Going to Germany and not eating a pretzel is a sin! We stayed at the Art Hotel Munich, which was in a perfect location close to the train station and walking distance to all the main attractions.

Must Sees in Munich:

*Hofbräuhaus: Even though I hate beer {tequila, please!} I’m glad we stopped at the ever-so-touristy Hofbräuhaus.  It is everything you can imagine when you think of German beer halls- long tables of people drinking and eating, live music and all the waitresses dressed in traditional beer girl outfits, I was beyond impressed they could all carry 8 heavy liters of beer at once!!

*Marienplatz: We spent about 4 hours here. Marienplatz is an old market center filled with restaurants, shopping and historical buildings. I also found the best pretzel I had in Munich here, I wish I could remember the name but mine had butter in the inside & Greg got one with chive cream cheese- my mouth is watering just thinking about those babies #carbs.

*Neuschwanstein Castle: Although the castle is not directly in Munich, I’d still say its a must see! We took a 2 hour train to Füssen on our way to Austria and the castle was one of my favorite parts of the trip! I love castles, especially ones that make you feel as though you are in a realtime Disney fairytale.


Der verrückte Eismacher was the cutest Mad Hatter themed ice cream parlor in Munich. They had champagne flavor ice cream (made with Dom Pérignon) YUM!!

Solden, Austria:


Sölden has my heart! In my opinion there is nothing worse than visiting a ski town that dies the second the lifts close. That’s why Sölden was such a great choice, the après-ski was just as amazing as the skiing itself #winwin! There was a little river that ran through the center of town that was so perfect and exactly what you think of when you think of European ski towns.

Must do’s in Sölden {besides skiing of course!}:

*Ice Q: Most. Stunning. Views. Ever. If you’ve seen the latest James Bond movie, you would recognize Ice Q. This was by far the classiest après-ski we did all week but how could you not with those views!?

*Aqua Dome: The one day I didn’t ski my mom, Jackie and I had a girls spa day at the Aqua Dome. It took 10 minutes by bus from Sölden’s downtown to get there. We spent hours in the outdoor heated thermal baths, sat in the sauna, hung out in a nap room {heaven}, got facials and had an incredible lunch. When you’re in there you have no idea what time it is, we spent almost 7 hours there without even noticing!




Ice Q was one of the prettiest restaurants I’ve ever been to, its an apres ski must!


Have you been to Munich or Solden!?  Would love to hear about your experiences!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

With love & sequins, Tess



  1. Julie says:

    Hi Tess! Although I haven’t been to Austria, I have been to Munich and wow, I feel the same way! Such a beautiful place with amazing people. I found the people there to be the most welcoming out of anywhere I’ve traveled to!

    Quick confession though: I sinned and didn’t have a pretzel. (I will be sure to have one when I go back!) I also went to Hofbrauhaus despite the fact that I’m a tequila girl as well. I figured if there was a place for me to choose to enjoy a beer, it was Munich. (Our tour guide told us beer is a food group there, it’s like “liquid bread.”

    Anyway, it’s nice to hear someone else loved Munich as much as I did. Looking forward to more posts from you 🙂

    • [email protected] says:

      Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by! I think you need to go back to Munich just to try a pretzel 🙂 I would also strongly recommend making a trip to Austria on your next European adventure! It truly amazed me that the beer was cheaper than water as well.. like what!? Pretty sure the Germans have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3rd meal! Loved hearing from you! xox. Tess

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