Yankee Swap Gifts People Actually Want

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I’ve shared my gift guide for the sparkle lover but today I want to talk about that hard to think of yankee swap gift {you might also hear it as white elephant}. Yankee swap and white elephant are both gift exchange games the emphasis of white elephant is to “steal” gifts rather than to swap them. When shopping for gifts every year the yankee swap gift I need to buy for my family’s Christmas party is always the hardest to come up with fun ideas. Our swap gets pretty ridiculous with joke gifts thanks for my brother and cousins and one person will end up with a big container of laundry detergent hah. Call me crazy but I personally like to give gifts that people actually want!

Some other ideas that come to mind:

-gas gift card

-lottery tickets

-movie tickets 

-coffee gift cards

Do you do a white elephant or yankee swap and do you give a funny gift or something people would actually want?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xx, Tess

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  1. emily @ a little bit of emily says:

    I am with you – give gifts that people want! I always have a hard time coming up with those types of ‘fun’ gifts. These are great ideas, and I love the option of lotto cards, too! Something I would never buy, but would be a lot of fun to have!

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